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Terms & Conditions

By attending this event, you accept all risks and responsibilities of participating in a public gathering.

You may be photographed and appear in photos or videos taken by other attendees, or by us for promotional purposes.

You agree to unconditionally release and indemnify Break Ground for any use of photos or video of the event in which you may appear.

Break Ground cannot control what is shared or discussed by participants of this event, some of which may be graphic or offensive to some people. Participant discretion and self care are advised.

We reserve the right to deny entry, or remove from our event, at our sole discretion, any person(s) for any instance of inappropriate, disrespectful, harassing, discriminatory, intimidating, bullying, shaming or abusive behaviour, or who does not comply with the rules and safety policies of our host venue.

Ticket purchase is for admission only. Food and drinks must be purchased and paid for separately at the event.

All ticket sales are final and non refundable.