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Live storytelling around the intimacy of the table.

Dish is a conversation game played in three rounds over three courses. A fun creative date night for couples and BFFs to enjoy great food, deepen your connection and make new friends.

Our original conversation cards create rapid connections with the other players you and your date will be teamed up with, and plunge you into an exhilarating evening of authentic, vibrant, meaningful conversations, lively discussions and relaxed storytelling.

Dish is a perfect night out for couples and friends who like to socialize, eat, think and talk about the experiences, detours, surprises, themes and narratives of modern life and relationships.

Bring your sweetheart, your bestie, or a whole group of friends for this wonderful evening of great food and great conversations. Come with a big appetite, a curious mind and leave with a full heart.

Social Dinners. Remixed.

We want to raise the joy index in our city by creating a positive escape from social isolation, disconnection, polarization, algorithmic echo chambers and epidemic loneliness.

We want to support local restaurants, food producers, businesses, artists and communities.

We believe when people generously share their stories, experiences, perspectives and ideas with each other, magic happens.

We believe in the power of good food and great conversations.

Friends enjoying food together at Dish Date Night

Date Night is a casual storytelling evening paired with a wonderful local restaurant.

Dinner and drinks are ordered à la carte as you enjoy rich, focused conversation with your date and new friends.

Dish Date Nights are all about enjoying great food and deeper connections. Sweethearts or good friends make awesome dates for this wonderful evening.

Chef preparing gourmet food for Dish Chef's Table

Chef’s Table is a formal storytelling evening paired with an exclusive tasting menu created by a local master chef.

An all inclusive evening that will delight your senses, stimulate your mind and expand your social circle.

Dish Chef’s Table is all about culinary adventures and friendly competition. Sweethearts or good friends make awesome dates for this exciting evening.

Happy woman telling a story at Dish
Experience the thrill of live storytelling.

Dish conversations cover a wide range of themes, topics, perspectives, experiences and emotions. The stories you hear and tell can be serious, funny, lighthearted, heart thumping of heartbreaking. You never know who you’re going to meet or what they’re going to reveal.

The atmosphere is warm, welcoming and wildly supportive. Everyone is there to have fun, go deep, enjoy great food and make new friends. There is no pressure to perform or reveal more than you like.

Unscripted. Unrehearsed. Uncensored.

Live storytelling is an invigorating visceral experience. Like telling ghost stories around the camp fire, going bungee jumping, or breaking out of an escape room with friends. It’s awesome!

And, if you clam up? No worries. Simply pass to your table mates until you have enough confidence, adrenaline, or drinks in you to give it a go. Our conversation cards provide you with lots of discussion points and story prompts.

Couples and friends dining at Dish
Relationship Architects. Explorers of the Heart.

Dish is an overflow of our 35 year love story. One embodiment of our passion for love, friendship, openness, hospitality, and great food.

On any given weekend, you may bump into us exploring our city or surrounding towns. Nestled in the elegant atmosphere of a cozy table at a newly discovered local restaurant gem. Or scouring local shops and farmers markets for flavourful fresh ingredients. Or welcoming friends, old and new, into our wonderful home.

Having the most amazing, unhurried, unhindered conversations about the world inside us
and the world between us.

Dish is a celebration inspired by some of life’s most atomic ingredients: Great food, great friends and great conversations.

Esther Sangalli

Bill Sangalli

We warmly invite you to join us for this intimate, hand crafted social event.

If you and your date like to colour outside the lines, make new friends, try great food, you’ll love this exhilarating evening of live storytelling around the intimacy of the table.

Limited space. Only a few seats available for each dinner.
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